xq2xml distribution updated to test suite 0.8

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xq2xml distribution updated to test suite 0.8

David Carlisle

I've updated the xq2xml distribution to use the 0.8 test suite and the
CR test parser, and saxon 8.6.


As before it contains a test suite report in XML format
and formatted as HTML

This reports that I fail 125 tests in test suite 0.8, although several
other tests are omitted due to dependence on static typing or schema
validation. (These non-tests are also listed in the report file using
the appropriate attributes.)

As Michael Kay commented the other day on the xquery-talk list, in order to
pass many tests it is necessary to do more whitespace normalization than
implied in the test suite documentation. Where a test is passed only
after such normalization, a comment about normalize-space is inserted in
the comment attribute of the test report XML file.

There is also a zip file with XQueryX versions of _all_ of the O.8

and similarly all of the tests in XSLT syntax

Unfortunately, despite the fact that everything is open source, people
can't actually run this version of xq2xsl at present as the CR version
of the Xquery parser Java applet has still not been released but
hopefully that will happen soon. (The XQuery Working group's home page
implies it has already happened, but the link points to the September


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