xml:base="relative-value" underspecified

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xml:base="relative-value" underspecified

Liam R. E. Quin

I was trying to work out from
exactly what it would mean for a document to have
a relative URI reference as the value of xml:base.

We have that the value of xml:base is to be interpreted as
a LEIRI, but the definition of that (once I correct for
the broken link by looking at draft 3) seems not to allow
for such a think as a LEIRI Reference, which is the only
thing that the IRI spec allows to be relative.

So I am thinking that the example in section 3 of the
xmlbase spec is not supported by the normative prose,
although I don't want to say it's wrong, because
(1) it's obviously useful, and
(2) I claim no normal human can understand the maze of IRI specs.

But would it be worth some explicit prose about relative IRIs
in xml:base somewhere?  Maybe with the example, and given that
(I fear) almost no-one will do anything other than read the
example and the (very important and useful) quoting rules,
it's not worth a change to the document at this stage.  Or
maybe I'm missing something obvious?



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Re: xml:base="relative-value" underspecified

Henry S. Thompson

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No change is intended here from XML Base 1.0, i.e. non-absolute IRIs
are fine.  The intention is to clarify the LEIRI section of the
forthcoming RFC so that IRI-references are explicitly included.

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