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xlink:fromID , xlink:toID


Presently one can of course assign an xlink:label attribute to the
source or target of a link. However, in order to have the option to
ensure that the source and/or target of a particular xlink was unique, I
believe having such attributes as xlink:fromID and xlink:toID used in
conjunction with xml:id (or with an attribute of type ID) could meet
that demand

thank you,
Brett Zamir

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Re: xlink:fromID , xlink:toID

Norman Walsh

Thank you for taking the time to review XLink 1.1 and provide
constructive suggestions for how it might be improved. However, in an
effort to move the XLink revision forward quickly (Ha!), the Working
Group chose an extremely narrow scope for the changes in XLink 1.1:

In effect, only two significant technical changes are in-scope for
XLink 1.1, making the xlink:type attribute an application-level
default and making XLink href attributes IRIs.

Please accept my appologies if this narrow scope is a disappointment.
If XLink 1.1 inspires greater adoption, we might someday revisit XLink
for more substantive technical changes. At such time, we'd be happy to
consider your suggestions.

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <[hidden email]> | There are things which don't deserve to
http://nwalsh.com/            | be said briefly.--Jean Rostand

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