[xhtml-media-types] A. 19 and XHTML Basic 1.1

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[xhtml-media-types] A. 19 and XHTML Basic 1.1

Masataka Yakura-2

I got a blog comment which questioned about the relationship between
XHTML Basic 1.1 and Media Types document, and found that interesting.
So let me share that.

The guy pointed out guideline A.19 in xhtml-media-types, which
suggests to write <tbody> explicitly.

>A.19. Explicit <tbody> Elements
>   DO use explicit tbody elements within tables.
>   Rationale: While the content model of the table element permits the
>   tbody element to be skipped, in HTML 4 this element is implicit.
>   HTML 4 user agents will silently add this element, thus potentially
>   confusing scripts or style sheets.

However, <tbody> is not defined in Basic 1.1 since it only contains
Basic Table module.

He said he wondered whether he cannot use tables in Basic 1.1 to
follow the guideline.
I'm sure that's not what the guideline is intended (I think he seemed
to be, too). But perhaps that guideline should say it doesn't apply to
profiles that don't contain <tbody>.

Masataka Yakura
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