wsdl-xslt support for WS-Addressing metadata

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wsdl-xslt support for WS-Addressing metadata

Jonathan Marsh-2

I’ve updated the WSAddressing-1G testcase [1] in the WSDL test suite interchange tests [2] to match the latest metadata draft [3], and then added to the framework, including:

·         Updated interchange schema for WS-Addressing extensions

o   new namespace (old one was based on 2006/05 draft)

o   new action placement

o   the removal of UsingAddressing and Anonymous

·         Added interchange schema for WS Policy

·         Updated base interchange schema to accommodate these extensions.

·         Updated wsdl-xslt to generate the interchange format

o   Minimalisitic WS-Policy support no policy merging or resolving of policy references).

o   Updated default action pattern.


You can check the resulting interchange result [5] and see if I’ve made any errors.









Jonathan Marsh - -