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webbot -timeout 3 -l file-l-timeout.log

Jan Hutař
Hello again :)
I have another problem. Its: how to simulate timeout? I have following timeout.php script:


$timeout = 10;

echo "We waited $timeout s.";


and when running command:

webbot -n -depth 10 -prefix http://localhost.localdomain/test/ -timeout 3 -l file-l-timeout.log http://localhost.localdomain/test/index.html

I can see, that webbot is waiting 10 secs (not 3 as specified with "-timeout" option). When command ends, there is a following line in file-l-timeout.log:

localhost - - [Fri, 01 Dec 2006 11:02:53] GET http://localhost.localdomain/test/timeout.php 200 15

Will be happy for any comments.


Jan Hutar   Quality Assurance Engineer
[hidden email]        Red Hat, Inc.

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