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updated algorithm

Jim Barnett
I have updated the algorithm for both the problem Zjnue reported and the
one Ate reported.  I've made one small change to Ate's suggested fix:  I
save only the executable content in the hash table, not the whole
transition because we don't need the transition when it's time to apply
the executable content.

Here's a link to the revised spec:
Here's a diff from the published spec:
(The diff tool hallucinates a few changes that aren't there, but it
doesn't  miss anything.)

Please take a close look and let me know what I've missed.  Also please
keep looking for other bugs.  We will publish a new last call in a
couple of weeks, and I would like contain all needed changes.

I will also write a new test for the default history behavior and add it
to the suite.
Jim Barnett