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The <xs:assert> element cannot use inheritable attributes? 1 reply - xmlschema-dev
No declaration for "restriction" in the DTD for XML Schema 1.1 1 reply - xmlschema-dev
Restrict <CRLF> to the value \r\n ... the instance is <CRLF>\r\n</CRLF> ... error on validation -- why? 4 replies - xmlschema-dev
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Three equivalent ways to specify an unconstrained data type ... are there others? 6 replies - xmlschema-dev
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union is not a union, it's a sequence 1 reply - xmlschema-dev
"Unsafe" union? 1 reply - xmlschema-dev
Here's how to empower instance document authors to create their own root element 1 reply - xmlschema-dev
RE: XSD 1.1: not okay to have an xs:assert at the attribute level? 2 replies - xmlschema-dev
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