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Re: market research for HTML in Asia Re: An HTML language specification vs. a browser specification 0 replies w3.org - www-archive
Javascript scheme - IETF RFC draft 0 replies w3.org - www-archive
Re: the W3C does not "get it" (Fwd: [diso-project] Re: W3C Workshop on the Future of Social Networking) 0 replies w3.org - www-archive
SVG SMIL in Mozilla 0 replies w3.org - www-smil
Forcing Compatibility Mode in Opera 2 replies w3.org - www-archive
WhatWG stats Re: HTML WG stats 2008-08 0 replies w3.org - www-archive
HTML WG stats 2008-08 2 replies w3.org - www-archive
Re: [whatwg] RDFa Problem Statement (was: Creative Commons Rights Expression Language) 0 replies w3.org - www-archive
Re: [whatwg] Creative Commons Rights Expression Language 0 replies w3.org - www-archive
Re: RDFa Implementation Report - ready for review 1 reply w3.org - public-rdf-in-xhtml-tf
Re: New Exif/RDF vocabulary 0 replies w3.org - semantic-web
Re: ANN: SCOT specification 1 reply w3.org - semantic-web
Re: Why isn't the HTML validator available for download 0 replies w3.org - www-validator
Re: Question about the On Linking Alternative Representations TAG Finding 2 replies w3.org - www-tag
Re: Why multiple validators 0 replies w3.org - www-validator
Social network and opacity Re: Robots.txt and Information aggregation 0 replies w3.org - www-archive
Re: [author-guide] Character Entity References Chart 1 reply w3.org - www-archive
Re: RDFa in HTML 4 6 replies w3.org - public-rdf-in-xhtml-tf
Re: RDFa Primer comment 0 replies w3.org - public-rdf-in-xhtml-tf
Re: "paranoid user" 0 replies w3.org - public-html-comments
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