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Re: Dave Beckett comments on SPARQL 1.1 Query Language W3C WD 2010-10-14 3 replies - public-rdf-dawg-comments
Last Call: Five SPARQL 1.1 Drafts 1 reply - semantic-web
Re: The limitations of "CONSTRUCT WHERE" in SPARQL 1.1 1 reply - public-rdf-dawg-comments
Re: ENCODE_FOR_LOCAL_NAME 1 reply - public-rdf-dawg-comments
Re: Grammar for PREFIX definitions 1 reply - public-rdf-dawg-comments
Re: "SPARQL 1.1 Overview" comments 0 replies - public-rdf-dawg-comments
Re: COMMENT? Re: Pagination in SPARQL OFFSET and LIMIT needs ORDER BY 0 replies - public-rdf-dawg-comments
ACTION-530 Check update comments (with paul/alex) and summarize critical issues, if any on mail 0 replies - public-rdf-dawg-comments
Re: why I don't like default graphs in the DATASET proposal 2 replies - public-rdf-dawg-comments
2nd CfP: 21st Int. World Wide Conference (WWW 2012) - Semantic Web Track 0 replies - semantic-web
Two new Working drafts for JSON and CSV/TSV results formats for SPARQL1.1 published 0 replies - semantic-web
Re: Further Feedback on SPARQL 1.1 Test Cases 1 reply - public-rdf-dawg-comments
Re: NVL, LET, COALESCE, CASE 1 reply - public-rdf-dawg-comments
Call for Participation: RR2011, early registration until 10th of July 0 replies - semantic-web
Re: Proposal for simplifying FILTER semantics 1 reply - public-rdf-dawg-comments
Re: Comments about blank nodes in Editors' draft of SPARQL update 1 reply - public-rdf-dawg-comments
7th ReasoningWeb Summer School 2011 - Application Deadline approaching! (RW2011) 0 replies - semantic-web
Student grants available for the 7th Reasoning Web Summer School & 5th Int'l Conf. on Web Reasoning and Rules Systems (RR2011) 0 replies - semantic-web
Re: NOT EXISTS vs. MINUS 1 reply - public-rdf-dawg-comments
Response to your comments on the SPARQL 1.1 Graph Store HTTP Protocol document (formerly "SPARQL 1.1 Uniform HTTP Protocol for Managing RDF Graphs") 1 reply - public-rdf-dawg-comments
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