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Re: Established vocabularies for units in RDF? 0 replies - semantic-web
Re: Accessing List Archive as RDF 1 reply - semantic-web
Resend: request for review: application/sparql-results+json 0 replies - public-rdf-dawg-comments
request for review: application/sparql-results+json 1 reply - public-rdf-dawg-comments
RE: [media-types] Update to media type "application/ttml+xml" 0 replies - public-tt
Re: [media-types] Update to media type "application/ttml+xml" 2 replies - public-tt
Re: Pubrules: Use https for /TR documents 0 replies - spec-prod
aligning clinical with FHIR/RDF 2 replies - public-semweb-lifesci
Re: HL7/W3C Agenda Tue Mar 15: FHIR RDF examples on the HL7 github site 0 replies - public-semweb-lifesci
Re: Media type for FHIR RDF in Turtle 1 reply - public-semweb-lifesci
Re: A question about regex and compare operator 0 replies - public-rdf-dawg-comments
Re: RDF.rb release 1.99 1 reply - semantic-web
Re: Colons in compact URIs, e.G. dbpedia:Category:Bluegrass_music 0 replies - semantic-web
Re: Please publish Turtle or JSON-LD instead of RDF/XML [was Re: Recommendation for transformation of RDF/XML to JSON-LD in a web browser?] 1 reply - semantic-web
XSLT mostly conforms with side-by-side example 0 replies - public-semweb-lifesci
Re: Proposed HTTP SEARCH method update 0 replies - ietf-http-wg
Reminder: ShEx RDF validation questionnaire 0 replies - semantic-web
WG response to i18n-ISSUE-411: Definition of whitespace should come from Unicode 2 replies - www-international
link for RDF validation questionnaire 0 replies - semantic-web
link for RDF validation questionnaire 0 replies - public-semweb-lifesci
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