suggested wording improvement - SPARQL Update: INSERT QuadData

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suggested wording improvement - SPARQL Update: INSERT QuadData

Jeremy J Carroll
This is a formal comment, in a personal capacity on the following text:

"where QuadData are formed by TriplesTemplates, i.e., sets of triple patterns, optionally wrapped into a GRAPH block.

I take the normative text in this case to be from the introduction:

"The following terms are also used in this document as defined in the SPARQL 1.1 Query Language: … QuadData

and then the quoted text, particularly the "optionally wrapped into a GRAPH block.” misleadingly suggested that there is either
no graph block, or exactly one graph block.

Improved wording might be:

“where QuadData are formed from sets of triple patterns, some of which may be wrapped into GRAPH blocks.

and to include an example (or modify an old one) to show a mix of both default graph and named graph usage.

Also, the entry in
for the pertinent test case

has a minor error in that it was approved by resolution 3 and not resolution 2 of the referenced meeting.