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problems with a

marcos rebelo

This command is not recognized

:pat @is @a @of :Human .

I got this error

#Processed by Id:,v 1.176 2005/08/10 17:03:22 syosi Exp
        #    using base file:/cygdrive/d/projects/FCT/notation_3/src/test.n3
        Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/cygdrive/d/software/cwm-1.1.0rc1/cwm", line 711, in ?
  File "/cygdrive/d/software/cwm-1.1.0rc1/cwm", line 433, in doCommand
  File "/cygdrive/d/software/cwm-1.1.0rc1/swap/", line 190, in load
  File "/cygdrive/d/software/cwm-1.1.0rc1/swap/", line 237, in feed
    i = self.directiveOrStatement(str,j)
  File "/cygdrive/d/software/cwm-1.1.0rc1/swap/", line
250, in directiveOrStatement
    j = self.statement(str, i)
  File "/cygdrive/d/software/cwm-1.1.0rc1/swap/", line
377, in statement
    j = self.property_list(str, i, r[0])
  File "/cygdrive/d/software/cwm-1.1.0rc1/swap/", line
679, in property_list
    j = self.verb(str, i, v)
  File "/cygdrive/d/software/cwm-1.1.0rc1/swap/", line 410, in verb
    if i < 0: raise BadSyntax(self._thisDoc, self.lines, str, j,
"expected <property> after 'is'")
swap.notation3.BadSyntax: Line 2 of
<file:/cygdrive/d/projects/FCT/notation_3/src/test.n3>: Bad syntax
(expected <property> after 'is') at ^ in:
:pat @is^ @a @of :Human .

Isn't 'a' need inside the @keywords to work without '@'

:pat a :Human .

Marcos Rebelo