onerror discrepencies

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onerror discrepencies

Patrick Mueller-5
I was looking over the onerror bits in , and noticed that the sections #event-handler-attributes ( and #runtime-script-errors ( seem to differ:


* 1st argument is "event"
* 3rd argument is "fileno"


* 1st argument is a DOMString message
* 3rd argument is a line number

I assume the intention is that the 3rd argument should be a line number and not "file number" (fileno).  But should it be a DOMString?  Why not a number type?

For the first argument, calling the argument an "event" (in #event-handler-attributes) would kinda indicate to me that it's an event object, not a message.

Perhaps these two sections are talking about different things, which would be even more confusing, since "onerror" seems to be a bit of a weird beast in any case.

Patrick Mueller
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Re: onerror discrepencies

Michael[tm] Smith
In response to the following message:

... the following bug has been raised in the W3C Bugzilla database:

You are encouraged to add yourself to the CC List for the bug -- which
will require that you create a W3C Bugzilla user account (if you don't
have one already):