new ubimarks version 0.3.10 for firefox 1.5

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new ubimarks version 0.3.10 for firefox 1.5

Marja Koivunen

Pat and others,

Thanks for your interest. Here is a new ubimarks version for firefox that I promised to put out:

The xpcom package for uuid's does not work in Windows anymore (it worked
before firefox 1.5) and I haven't had time to look how to compile it
again yet. The first time was a nightmare (but used a free compiler). In
Linux there are no problems as far as I know. In case it is easy for
someone else help in compiling the component for Windows and firefox 1.5
is appreciated.

Later in the future this will not be a problem because it will be part
of mozilla/firefox (

Now the package does work but instead of uuid's it uses http addressed
Later I hope to let user's define the http address space if they choose
to use that, I just need to check they use space that they can write to.