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Jeff Z. Pan

> I have made a few more changes today.
> In addition to the tidying up of the references and the change log, I
> also noted that Ashok was reporting that I had misunderstood XPath F&0
> rules for anyURI and have changed example 3L in the xpath version
> accordingly.
> If you wish to edit directly the version you should edit is
> http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/BestPractices/XSCH/xsch-sw/Overview.html

My version has been uploaded, although I haven't generated the following extra
files yet.

> in the directory xsch-sw-20051027 you will find some XSLT that makes the
> other versions (XSLT 2.0). I use saxon8 available from sourceforge viz:
> java -jar saxon8.jar Overview.html delete-change.xsl > both.html
> java -jar saxon8.jar Overview.html derive-delete-change.xsl > derive.html
> java -jar saxon8.jar Overview.html xpath-delete-change.xsl > xpath.html


Dr. Jeff Z. Pan  ( http://DL-Web.man.ac.uk/ )
School of Computer Science, The University of Manchester