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[i18n review comment] Locale references to BCP47 and CLDR #189

[raised by aphillips]

Best Practice 3 includes as an example the use of `dct:language` to
indicate locale and refers loosely to the need to indicate the language
and locale of data values. The standards that embody locale and language
identification on the Web (and on the Internet more generally) are IETF
BCP 47 [RFC5646/RFC4647](https://tools.ietf.org/html/bcp47) and

The I18N WG recognizes that these standards do not have a linked data
representation currently, but the current representations given as
examples in this document are incomplete and have a variety of
limitations or problems. This is recognized, for example, by the fact
that Dublin Core's language element was defined to reference RFC3066,
which was the current BCP47 when that standard was published. However,
BCP 47 has been updated since and the current formulation, while fully
compatible with RFC3066, is the preferred reference.

The WG feels that BP3 should include a reference or recommendation to
consistently use BCP47 as the standard for language and locale
identification and, informatively, to CLDR as the source for both
representing specific localized formats and as a reference for specific
locale data values.

Please note that this is in addition to the need to recommend
representations[https://github.com/w3c/i18n-activity/issues/187] instead).