html5lib and ElementTree for scraping basketball schedules

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html5lib and ElementTree for scraping basketball schedules

Dan Connolly

You may have seen:

  A new Basketball season brings a new episode
  in the personal information disaster
  by connolly on Thu, 2006-11-16 12:39
  tags: calendar | GRDDL | microformats | RDF | XHTML

A new schedule came this week, and it had an unexpected linebreak,
so I upgraded from tidy and regular expressions
to html5lib and ElementTree.

This message has most of the raw materials for another
breadcrumbs episode...

import html5lib #
from html5lib import HTMLParser, treebuilders
from xml.etree import cElementTree

def parseHTML(fn="bball-practice.html"):
    >>> e = parseHTML()
    >>> e.tag
    >>> rows = e.getiterator('tr')
    >>> len(list(rows))
    f = open(fn)
    parser = HTMLParser(tree=treebuilders.getTreeBuilder("etree",
    return parser.parse(f)


def eachEvent(...):

    for t in elt.getiterator('table'):
        cell = t.find('tbody/tr/td')
        if not cell: continue
        hd = cell.findtext('b')
        if not hd: continue
        if 'First Name' in hd: break
        raise ValueError, elt

for my reference, some hg logs:
16:ae65b101cf4c 2007-11-18 got html5lib talking with etree
17:5f81574c79fb 2007-11-18 - use html5lib and ElementTree rather than
tidy and regular expressions

Dan Connolly, W3C
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