fun with html5lib, hCalendar, and GRDDL

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fun with html5lib, hCalendar, and GRDDL

Dan Connolly

This is a use case/test case for:
  hCard, hCalendar, etc. profile

You might recall:
  A new Basketball season brings a new episode in the personal
information disaster

This time it's volleyball. And the new tool is html5lib.

I'm starting to think the GRDDL service should grow HTML 5
support via html5lib.

Details, briefly...

~/projects/palmagent$ hg log --limit 11 --template '#rev#:#node|short#
#date|shortdate# #desc|firstline|strip#\n'
351:91748e4d5f37 2007-11-28 merge html5lib project: torn-frayed vball
350:489351d10212 2007-11-28 move vball-hoa-bb-hcal.ics to test_data too
349:ae1a096916c0 2007-11-28 re-org torn-frayed files for merge with
348:93a4287d68e1 2007-11-28 declare XHTML ns, hCalendar/RDF calendar
347:074509bef298 2007-11-28 reasonable .ics generated
346:132f90ffa08e 2007-11-28 a few TODOs based on .ics output
from X2V
345:9002f55fa7b7 2007-11-28 all 5 columns marked up
344:80c66838f607 2007-11-28 nicer subelement creation
343:31c93899b963 2007-11-28 hcalendar date markup working
342:d64b317d99b6 2007-11-28 Men BB 2007/2008 tournament schedule from
341:c0bf0dc224f2 2007-11-28 parses html5 and writes XML-wf

Dan Connolly, W3C
gpg D3C2 887B 0F92 6005 C541  0875 0F91 96DE 6E52 C29E