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I've spent years on an XForms project that I can no longer maintain because I'm a bit overloaded with other professional duties.  I really hate to see all my efforts go to waste (holding back tears here). It is written 100% in XForms 1.0---even the bulletin board style editor (some XBL1 but it is not essential and can be removed). Without getting into specifics, it needs to run on a more universal platform or processor than the one it was designed on.   It is a highly intuitive forum/blog style single page application that can be modified on the fly--even the headings when the page is unlocked.  If you could kindly take a look at the link provided and the flash tutorial called OVERVIEW and see if its worth your or any of your clients efforts to modify for your favorite xforms processor I'd appreciate it -- open source and free, so take a look.

Give me some feedback, maybe it's not as useful or intuitive as I think. At any rate, here's to hoping it'll find a home somewhere (wiping cheek).

Thank you.

Carl W. Ray, Ed. D
Dept. of Applied Languages
Cheng Shiu University, Taiwan