flex-basis and flex-flow confusion in the validator

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flex-basis and flex-flow confusion in the validator

Landon Furniss
To Whom it May Concern at W3,

I recently used your validator to validate my CSS to CSS level 3. In my code I set body as a flex parent with the keywords “display: flex;”
I set the children’s flex-grow, flex-shrink, and flex-basis values using the short-hand notation. Being of the format of  “ flex: 1 0 auto;”.
The validator became confused and gave me an error for the shorthand notation on “auto” as it believed that it was used for flex-flow rather than flex-basis. I wanted to bring this to your attention so that we can validate code confidently.

Now I’m very new to CSS as I am a college student in a Frontend Web Development class, but as I discussed this problem with my professor he agreed that I should probably bring this issue up to you.

Here is the validation of css on my website if you wish to investigate further, please forgive any errors that are of my own doing.

Thank you,

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