[dom] Consider banning insertNode() of the Range's start node

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[dom] Consider banning insertNode() of the Range's start node

r12a via GitHub
ayg has just created a new issue for https://github.com/whatwg/dom:

== Consider banning insertNode() of the Range's start node ==

<!doctype html>
var range = document.creteRange();
range.setStart(document.body.firstChild, 1);
var s = "Body children before: " + document.body.childNodes.length;
try {
  document.body.textContent = s + ", after: " +
} catch (e) {
  document.body.textContent = "Exception";

Firefox outputs "Body children before: 2, after: 3", which matches the
 spec: there is no special handling of this case, and it winds up
happily splitting the text node, then removing the first text node and
 re-inserting it back where it was, leaving the first portion no
longer selected.  Chrome throws.  IE is the same as Firefox, but if
you change the offset from 1 to 0 it outputs "Body children before: 2,
 after: 2", so it probably just aborts silently in that case.

IE/Firefox's behavior is just silly, and Chrome's seems a bit harsh.  
I'm inclined to go with Chrome, out of the options available.  Failing
 that, I'd go with IE and at least special-case the scenario where we
create an empty text node.  Firefox (which is the current spec) would
be my last choice.

See https://github.com/whatwg/dom/issues/63