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Sean B. Palmer

  File ".../", line 320, in patches
  File ".../", line 213, in declareUniversal
RuntimeError: We have now disallowed the calling of declareUniversal.
For future reference, use newUniversal

With the following inputs and command line:

$ cat foaf01.n3
@prefix foaf: <> .
[ foaf:homepage <>;  foaf:nick "SeanP" ] .

$ cat foaf02.n3
@prefix foaf: <> .
[ foaf:homepage <>; foaf:nick "sbp" ] .

$ delta --from=foaf01.n3 --to=foaf02.n3

I fixed this locally just by changing the two "declareUniversal"
mentions to "newUniversal", but then it gives me a different error
which I'll send as a followup bug since it's probably a distinct bug.

Using cvs cwm up to date within a few days.

Sean B. Palmer,