[css-writing-modes-3] page-flow-direction-002 test : images wider than paper ?

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[css-writing-modes-3] page-flow-direction-002 test : images wider than paper ?

Gérard Talbot-3



You wrote:
Could we use smaller images? On my PC with my printer, the images are
wider than paper and each page is printed on two pages. That's not what
we want to test here, correct?

I just stumbled on your comment today. The intrinsic width of the widest
image among the 4 images is 651px. I can rearrange the images' intrinsic
width to be narrower but the test, as designed, will require that each
<div> uses 100% of the available width of document box so that a page
break occurs after each <div>.

I do not understand why the images could be wider than paper but I do
see they seem to be wider than my page setup with Chrome 51 and Chrome

My page setup settings for Firefox and Chrome are:
Orientation: Portrait,
Paper size: US Letter (215.9mm wide by 279.4mm tall),
Margins on all 4 sides: 10mm .

Both Chrome 52.0.2743.19 and Firefox 49.0a1 buildID=20160531030258 fail
that test for different reasons...

What is important right now is to check, verify that the test is
correctly designed and correctly coded. I'll look at that test and other
page-flow-direction tests again...

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