comments on MWABP as per Jo's apparent request in today's BPWG mtg

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comments on MWABP as per Jo's apparent request in today's BPWG mtg

Jeff Sonstein-3
Jo mentioned
"Adam is not on the call and we haven't received any comments yet."
which I will foolishly take to mean
Jo is seeking some comments
(note that Adam already took in my comment)

- "List of Best Practices" immediately after TOC at beginning

numbering system differs from document body numbering system

   put in parens or otherwise note visibly
   the actual section number w/in the document
   as some folks will print this out
  (for use as desktop reference, etc)

"Replicate Local Data"
in that initial list should probably read
"Replicate Local Data to a Server"
so meaning of BP is apparent in reading just the list


suggest changing
"Most images (especially JPEGs) do not benefit from compression"
to read
"some images" or "a significant number of images" or "some image  
to avoid anyone quibbling over specific formats



for sites expecting to service a reasonably large number of mobile  
and using "CSS Media Types" or "CSS Media Queries",
prefer using ("default to"?) mobile-oriented/small-screen CSS first
and over-ride only upon detection of larger-screen devices


"In a technical sense he's
   calibrating his servos,
   but we like to call it stretching,"
- Caleb Chung, discussing a robot -

Prof. Jeff Sonstein