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collection recreated in draft-daboo-webdav-sync-01

Arnaud Quillaud

Still on the topic of precondition failure, the token might become
invalid for reasons other than reaching the history limit of the server.

For example, if a collection is deleted, then recreated, the server
won't necessary maintain sync information about the defunct collection.
Or the server may have encountered a crash causing the history
information to be lost.

Hence, we might want to change the overview section to be more generic:


In some cases a server may no longer be able to honor a previously returned token.
   For example, it may only wish to maintain a limited amount of
   history about changes to a collection.  In that situation it will
   return an error to the client when the client presents a token that
   is "out of date".  At that point the client has to fall back to
   synchronizing the entire collection by re-running the report request
   using an empty token value.



PS: about the collection recreate scenario, do we want to return a
different precondition ?