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Tim Berners-Lee
The open bugs list for cwm has some which are over six years old:

I have regenerated, Yosi and I are doing a triage.

But what about more recent bugs? The latest is 2004-05-22, and yet I
see that bugs are still being filed to this list. The documentation
seems to be rotting, but the code is too: the cwm-1.0.0 release
doesn't even work out of the box on Python 2.5 [1]. Can a trivial but
working update be made, please?

This is the sixth anniversary of one still-open bug which I recently refound:

That is fixed in CVS



[1] At least it's easy to fix:
$ sudo emacs /usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/swap/formula.py
And bung the from __future__ line above the constants.