call for abstracts: Using sets of mathematical tools @ CADGME 2016

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call for abstracts: Using sets of mathematical tools @ CADGME 2016

Paul Libbrecht-4

Using Sets of Mathematical Tools

A session at CADGME 2016

7–10 September 2016, Targu Mures, Romania

Mathematical softwares are diverse and rich. Each software can perform some tasks very well and others only with big efforts.

This session aims at exploring the possibility to teach mathematics and mathematical tools when using them together: How can one use the systems productively, keeping the best of each software’s functionality when teaching and using?

We invite contributions about the exchange between computing systems such as the following:
  • user reports (expectations, obtained results)
  • teaching directions when working with several systems
  • scenarios of teaching of exchanges that can be effective for the education
  • standards and their applicability in the exchanges
  • technical tools that can facilitate the exchanges

There is just a week left till the end of the submission period for the abstracts and posters at the CADGME conference (May 2nd).

  • abstracts of a presentation are max 300 words big sketch the intended presentation to be done at the conference
  • posters will be presented in an expo environment so as to introduce discussion

We look forward to your contributions!