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bug in t100801-c544-valgn-01-d-ag

Peter Sorotokin

I am looking at this test file:




Here is the bitmap that is used for the background image




It has a problem in the third row: the edge of the small square in 10 pixels below the edge of the rectangle. My calculation gives different result:


Big square will be covered by the image which determines the line height in this case. It is 30 pixels high. The middle of the image must be aligned with the “baseline of the parent box plus half the x-height of the parent”. Midpoint is 15 pixels below the top of the image. In this case Ahem font is used which has x-height of 0.8 of the font size. Font size is 15 pixels, so x-height is 12, and half of x-height is 6. Therefore the baseline should be 15 + 6 = 21 pixels below image’s top edge. The ascent for Ahem is also 0.8 of the font size = 12 pixels, so the top edge of the Ahem character should be 21 – 12 = 9 pixels below the top edge of the image.


The fixed image can be found at:




and the test with the new image can be viewed at




The fixed test passes on Firefox (original, buggy one, did not).


Can this be fixed on the official site?