appcache: possibility to ignore url parameters / url parameter values

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appcache: possibility to ignore url parameters / url parameter values

Fenn Christopher
Hello everyone,

hope this is the right place for a feature suggestion to the HTML5
Application Cache working draft.

In short, what I'd like to see in cache manifest is the possibility to
allow pages to be loaded from appcache even if some url parameters (or
at least the values to some keys) weren't specified in the manifest file

I have the following use case for this in mind: You have a html5 web app
that launches some native app through a custom url scheme. The native
app does something and, when finished, reports back the result to the
web app by calling the url of the web app complemented with some
pre-specified url parameter(s).

In more detail let's say you have a web app that
calls a native app that is registered for myapp://dosomething/ by
myapp://dosomething/?callbackUri={RESULT}. The
native app would process the request and when finished would open the
callback url with {RESULT} being replaced by the actual result.

This already works (Android and iOS) when being online but not when
offline as one would have to provide every possible combination of url
parameter key value pairs in the explicit section of the manifest file.

A way to solve this could be to allow something like* in manifest file.

I think this would offer some great possibilities to web developers as
this would be a way to extend the functionality of web apps to native
functions no matter if the device was online or offline.

Looking forward to your opinions.

Christopher Fenn