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amaya and html5/video

TransMission Libre
Le 29/12/2012 17:00, TransMission Libre a écrit (but was blocked because
of archive process)

 >Hello dear amaya people,

I'm front of bad experience with amaya using html5 video tags.
Amaya detect misformed code, why not.... but....  also suppress all code
after this supposed badtag and the ctrl-z history !

i know (and sad with) that amaya dev is actualy in relaxing mode, but,
is it easy to hack awaya to let him accept news tags ? (i know some of

With my best html/css editor that i like it much version of Amaya 11.4.4
(Jan 13 2012)
nicely (without html5video!) working on Ubuntu 10.4.4

my best regards.
and happy end of.....


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