XPath and Ranges

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XPath and Ranges

David White-2

Hello All,

Is it possible to use Xpath to select a range of nodes.


I would like an Xpath statement that would select //title[1] THROUGH //title[2] and include all nodes between.  Is this possible?

I'm currently using XMLSpy professional but not having much luck finding a solution.


David White

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Re: XPath and Ranges

David Carlisle

This is the wrong list (it is for formal comments on the xpath
specification, ratherthan on xpath expample problems), you want
[hidden email]

but in xpath2

/chapter/(title[1]/(.,following-sibling::node()) except title[2]/(.,following-sibling::node())

is probably the most literal translation into xpath, but others are
possible eg

for $end in /chapter/title[2]
/chapter/(title[1]/(.,following-sibling::node()[. <<  $end],$end)

In XPath1 it's probably hard to do but in xpath1+xslt1 (so you can define
variables) then again it's possible.