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XML i18n Best Practices, BP 2 comments

Yves Savourel-2

Hello Kara,

> Example 4.
> See my feedback for section 5.2.2 of the ITS V1.1 document regarding this
> example of directionality that actually includes mixed directionality text.
> This problem occurs several times in this document.
> (here is the comments:)
> Example 15.
> The text given for the its:dir="rtl" attribute comprises mixed
> directionality text (not just rtl text) by including the string
> "W3C". If you apply the rtl rule here, then this string will be
> rendered "C3W". This problem occurs in many examples of the rtl
> attribute both in this document (ITS V 1.0) and in the "Best
> practices for XML Internationalization" document. Wouldn't it
> make more sense for the sample to be written something like the
> following:
> <title><quote xml:lang="ar" its:dir="rtl">..arabic text here..</quote>,
> W3C </title>

Richard already addressed this comment.

We do have a known problem in the display of the example in the BP document ('W3C' should come on the left side). But this is a XSL
conversion issue that we know how to resolve but simply have not gone through yet.