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XML i18n Best Practice, BP10 comments

Yves Savourel-2

Hello Kara,

Many thanks for you comments on the BP draft document.

I've implemented many of your change/corrections and will post notes only on the ones that may need more discussion. I'll post
comments on the different BP separately: it's easier for us to keep track of them that way.

> Best Parctice 10
> Example 18 may have errors or may need some changes. I don't understand how
> a <syn> element would be effective without some way of indicating what term
> this word is a synonym of.

The <syn> element is linked to the definition of "alterego" by its ref attribute. (This was in the Jun-28 draft but maybe not in the
draft you reviewed).

> In the example, the word "alter ego" is a synonym of "doppelganger" yet there
> is no attribute for linking these two terms as synonyms.
> Also, the text says that "fetch" and "trusted friend" are additional synonyms
> but there is no markup to explicitly indicate this. I think that this example
> should be improved to demonstrate how to explicitly indicate through ITS the
> relationships between these terms. In its current state, the example fails to
> do this and appears weak.

I think the example you saw has changed between the time you wrote the comment and posted it.
In any case I have updated it based on the input you provided above.

Please, look at the current wording for BP 10 here: