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XML Query Test Suite version 0.9.4

Andrew Eisenberg-2

The XML Query Working Group and the XSL Working Group would like to announce the availability of version 0.9.4 of the XML Query Test Suite (XQTS) at http://www.w3.org/XML/Query/test-suite/.

XQTS 0.9.4 is the last interim version of the test suite that we plan to deliver. It contains all of the tests that will exist when the test suite has been completed. The test suite has grown substantially since our last release; 10,400 test cases have become 14,500 test cases.

Looking ahead, we are planning to release XQTS 1.0 on July 7, 2006. At that time, we will ask implementers of XQuery to run the test suite and to send us their results by Aug. 18 (a six-week period). If we receive enough positive feedback, then we will be able to start planning our transition to Proposed Recommendation.

We request that submittors re-read our guidelines if they have not done so recently and  follow the guidelines for the transformation of queries and for the comparison of results as closely as possible. While we have provided a mechanism for submittors to tell us about any deviations that have been made, we hope that this will be used sparingly.

To date, we have received the results of running XQTS with four implementations of XQuery: Saxon-SA, xq2xsl, X-Hive/DB, and one anonymous implementation. A report that reflects these results is available from our web page. We will update this report as new results are received.

                                               -- Andrew

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