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[XHR] Last Call comment on about dependencies

Shane McCarron

The XHTML 2 working group discussed the XHR draft at a recent
teleconference, and I was asked to send in a brief comment.

Basically, the XHTML 2 Working Group is concerned that the draft appears
to have a dependency on HTML5.  On closer inspection, it is not clear
whether this dependency is completely necessary.  Further, linking the
spec to HTML5 will delay its deployment and incorporation into other
languages that have a vested interest in portable scripting (e.g. XHTML
1, XHTML 2, XForms).   Finally, it appears that the dependecy is
slightly backwards, since the requirement is that HTML5's document
"Window" object support the XMLHttpRequest interface.  Our request is
that this dependency be removed (or that the connection be made
informative instead of normative) so that all interested constituents
can take advantage of this important interface as soon as possible.

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