XForms extension v0.8.7 for FF is available

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XForms extension v0.8.7 for FF is available

Aaron Reed
We are happy to announce that the XForms extension for Firefox version
0.8.7 for FF3.6.3 is available for download from http://addons.mozilla.org.

Here are the bugs that are fixed in 0.8.7:

487310 local-dateTime() doesn't handle daylight savings time
488330 The URI schema 'mailto:' is not supported when submitting XForm
556318 When binding an input to a GDate the month February does not appear
384950 Complex real-world schemas such as FPML and FixML (financial XML
markups) do not load in the XForms FireFox plugin
399567 [1.1] Support <control> element into <setfocus> action which
specifies dynamically the target control
466712 Crash on complex XPath binding expression
467815 XForms range controls do not work with FireFox 3
494337 Schema validation: qualified type names cause parsing to fail
494848 Support for the <case> child element of <toggle>
497237 XForms utility function for elements that can specify parameters
through attributes or child elements.
326413 We should report when schemavalidation fails to look up a namespace
455772 [1.1] xf:group no longer a "core form control"
457075 Double arrow on dropdown lists on Linux with Firefox 3
478105 XForms/schemavalidation crashes when loading XML file with a
float data type
485734 Make XForms build with Firefox 3.5
490983 Make schema-validation build with Firefox 3.5
501987 Remove unnecessary angle brackets from preferences dialog
506915 Output with mediatype and SVG doesn't work properly
515067 xsd:enumeration with empty value breaks schema processing
526376 schema-validation: validate complex types with simpleContent
539275 xforms.xpi not built any more
539525 Replace -moz-outline-offset with outline-offset
436866 [1.1] Implement XPath function Choose()
521246 use toolkit's numberbox and spinbuttons widgets
525730 Update XForms for trunk version.
525735 Remove deprecated method getBoxObjectFor in select1 realization
530488 The xforms 'refresh' action crashes firefox in certain contexts
531297 In a trunk version of Gecko label of item in
select[appearance=compact] is "undefined"
537881 Tabs and other hidden elements appear only after check-uncheck
(input with xsi:type="xsd:boolean" problem)
539533 XUL select1 does not display items
556492 Browser crashes when using the tab-key in an xforms input-field
inside a xf:repeat element
372127 wrong items order of nw selects
391926 Conflict between bind node type as boolean and display:table-row
392645 Combination of form control bindings in multiple cases in a
repeat causes a crash
337428 Print preview not working
366886 Output inside of message doesn't work right

Please let us know if you find any bugs/regressions with this release.