Where is SMIL/Timesheets going?

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Where is SMIL/Timesheets going?



With Timesheets ending up a W3C note

What's going to happen next for SMIL/Timesheets?

What I hope happens is that Fabien Cazenave keeps developing
his JavaScript Timesheet Scheduler and adds new features to show the
future of multimedia.


An example of Fabien Cazenave's inline timesheet
with a jquery that fit fills the text.


works on Ubuntu 11.10 64-64
Chrome 18.0.1025.142 (Developer Build 129054 Linux) Ubuntu 11.10
Opera 9.80 (X11; Linux x86_64; U; en) Presto/2.10.229 Version/11.62
Also works on Firefox 11.0 locally

Would fit fill for text make it easier to use different languages?

The ultimate display for SMIL for most people will be the TV, high quality screens and audio.
With the development of Google TV I hope Ambulant and other SMIL players like KMPlayer
end up there.

Once there is SMIL/Timesheets working on the TV, I imagine teachers taking advantage of SMIL.
Using SMIL presentations to help break up an idea and using a SMIL presentation
as the format for the homework assignment.

Student assignment could be what are the main points of vitamin K and keep it short.
The students output could be:

(works on Ambulant 2.2 and pretty much on KMPlayer 0.11.2c)

Businesses would use SMIl to train and for showing customers how to use their products.
Less waste and happier customers.

Entertainment companies would use SMIL to make their content customizable. Allow the viewer to
change the background music, ratings ... add themselves to a movie scene.

(simple customize-audio example works on Ambulant 2.2, restart Ambulant to reset the state values)

So far so good, thanks for SMIL/Timesheets W3C,
Jose Ramirez

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Re: Where is SMIL/Timesheets going?

Dick Bulterman
Hello everyone on the list, Hello Jose,

SMIL/Timesheets will likely remain a W3C note.
We as a group tried to get a dual-implementation path going so that we
could move this to Rec before wrapping up this edition of the SYMM WG,
but we wound up with only a collection of partial implementations.

Practically speaking, I expect that there will be a number of
implementations of Timesheets in the coming year, although not all will
cover the entire specification.

We have seen some interest from browser makers in providing richer
timing support for media in implementations, but it is really not clear
who this will pan out.

On special-purpose devices, like TVs, the exploitation path is clearer.
We at CWI are working with the Brazilian NCL community on set-top box
integration of our languages. We are also working with others on
pop-corn implementations that consider synchronization specifically.

I hope that these efforts make themseleves to this list as they develop!
Keep those cards and letters coming!


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Re: Where is SMIL/Timesheets going?

Hello List,

we looked at SMIL some time ago and decided there was not enough support
from the browsers to make implementing it worthwhile. So we developed
our own timeline solution, Testimony Software, and wrote an authoring
toolkit to make content creation simple and quick.

You can see what we've been able to accomplish at
http://www.acoh.com.au, with a paper decribing an implementation of
Testimony Software at Project Jukebox of the University of Alaska
Fairbanks available from http://www.acoh.com.au/OHA2007.pdf. Our latest
project is a teachers guide at http://www.accteachersguide.com and this
provides excerpts from the 1956 Alaska Constitution Convention recordings.

We understand that our solution does not have as much flexibility as the
SMIL spec but it suffices for our purposes and lets our clients focus on
their content whilst we sort out the technology, a message getting much

I'm happy to answer any questions.


Dr Bob Jansen
Turtle Lane Studios Pty Ltd
PO Box 26, Erskineville NSW 2043, Australia
Email: [hidden email]
Skype: bobjtls
Phone: +61 414 297 448

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