WICD 1.0 Test Suite Issues

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WICD 1.0 Test Suite Issues

Jim Ehrismann



I am writing with regard to some issues I found with the WICD Mobile 1.0 Test Suite.  As part of the process of creating an SVGT plugin to WebKit under Android (and using the Netscape plugin api) we decided here in the BitFlash group at Quickoffice to see what level of compliance we could achieve with the WICD 1.0 Test Suite. We discovered that we failed more tests than we expected. The reason appears to be the use of features beyond SVG Tiny 1.2. Our results were presented at the recent SVG Open 2009 in San Jose CA.


A number of svg files that make up the test suite use features that are not part of the SVG Tiny 1.2 specification. I met Daniel Herzog at the SVG Open and have since had some dialog with him. He kindly provided a recent, though likely not the latest, archive containing the svg files that comprise the WICD 1.0 test suite. Upon examining this content I produced a spreadsheet relating the discrepancies between the test suite svg files and the SVG Tiny 1.2 specification (see attached). It is our opinion that either the WICD 1.0 test suite is in error using this svg content or the WICD 1.0 specification needs some clarification on the relevance of SVG Tiny 1.2 and/or necessary extensions to meet the WICD 1.0 requirements.


Some of these discrepancies can be easily fixed while others might require more investigation. In particular, because SVGT has a uDOM, which is a subset of the full DOM, there are a number of DOM objects and methods that are not supported in SVGT. Could you please review the attached spreadsheet and provide a reply?




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WICDsvg.xls (37K) Download Attachment