W3C is looking for Web Designers/ Comm Specialists

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W3C is looking for Web Designers/ Comm Specialists

Karl Dubost

This two open positions are related to this community somehow.

Read carefully
        "They must be an employee of one of W3C's Member organizations"

     you are part of a W3C's Member organizations
     you can convince your company to become a W3C Member and sponsor  

Fellowship Openings

W3C is currently seeking qualified individuals for the following  

    1. Business and Technology Communications Specialist (announced  
11 January 2007)
    2. Web / Graphic Designer (announced 11 January 2007)

Please see each fellowship description for details and contact  
information. Fellowship opportunities are not limited to those  
announced here; please contact W3C if you are interested in other  

W3C Fellows must be able to speak English effectively and write  
English fluently. They must be an employee of one of W3C's Member  
organizations, and should expect to commit to W3C about 80% of their  
time for a typical period of 18-24 months. Fellows normally work at  
one of W3C's Host sites. Fellows or their sponsors are responsible  
for their own salary, benefits, relocation costs, and living  
expenses. Some sponsors pay work-related travel expenses. W3C Host  
sites may provide work-related travel expenses, and desktop or laptop  
computers, depending on circumstances. As with the W3C paid staff,  
W3C Fellows must possess insight, tact, technical understanding, and  
the ability to follow things through.
How to Proceed

    1. Confirm* that your employer is a W3C Member and that your  
organization will provide you with financial support.
    2. Read About W3C to find out if your goals match those of W3C.
    3. Discuss your plan with your W3C Advisory Committee  
    4. Make a proposal to the W3C Manager most closely associated  
with your interest.

*Note: If your organization is not currently a W3C Member, your  
organization may wish to join W3C. If joining is not a possibility at  
this time but your organization can provide you with financial  
support, you may write to W3C to express your interest as  
participation may be possible outside the Fellows program.

Karl Dubost - http://www.w3.org/People/karl/
W3C Conformance Manager, QA Activity Lead
   QA Weblog - http://www.w3.org/QA/
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