W3C Workshop on Model-Based UIs

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W3C Workshop on Model-Based UIs


Dear Mobile Web Friends,


I'm writing this e-mail to raise your awareness about an upcoming W3C Workshop on Future Standards on Model-Based UIs [1]. We think this workshop will be of interest to the Mobile Web Community as Model-Based UI technologies will be an enabler for creating adaptive mobile web apps on time to market.


Furthermore We think the workshop is of importance to plan future work on standards for creating web apps to face increasing difficulties due to wide variations in device capabilities, in the details of the standards they support, the need to support assistive technologies for accessibility, the demand for richer user interfaces, the suites of programming languages and libraries, and the need to contain costs and meet challenging schedules during the development and maintenance of applications.


Thank you very much for considering your participation in this workshop


Best Regards


José M. Cantera .- Telefonica I+D

Dave Raggett .- W3C

Fabio Paternó .- ISTI


[1] http://www.w3.org/2010/02/mbui/cfp.html