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W3C Public Newsletter, 2016-02-22

W3C Newsletter
Dear W3C Public Newsletter Subscriber,

The 2016-02-22 version of the W3C Public Newsletter is online:

A simplified plain text version is available below.

W3C Communications Team

W3C Accelerates Efforts to Build a More Secure Web with Launch of Web
Authentication Working Group

   17 February 2016

   W3C Announced today the launch of the Web Authentication Working
   Group whose goal is to develop standards using strong
   cryptographic operations in place of password exchange. This
   approach offers a more secure and flexible alternative to
   password-based log-ins on the Web, often seen as being annoying to
   use and offering weak protection.

   “When strong authentication is easy to deploy, we make the Web
   safer for daily use, personal and commercial,” said Sir Tim
   Berners-Lee, Web Inventor and W3C Director. “With the scope and
   frequency of attacks increasing, it is imperative for W3C to
   develop new standards and best practices for increased security on
   the Web.”

   The W3C’s Web Authentication technical work is being accelerated
   thanks to a W3C member submission of FIDO 2.0 Web APIs from
   members of the FIDO Alliance. The submitted APIs are intended to
   ensure standards-based strong authentication across all Web
   browsers and related Web platform infrastructure.

   The new Web Authentication Working Group’s first meeting will take
   place 4 March 2016 in San Francisco, conveniently timed for people
   who are also attending the RSA USA Conference. For more
   information about the Web Authentication Working Group, see the
   press release.


   More news: <http://www.w3.org/blog/news/>


W3C Blog

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       Working Group to end passwords
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Upcoming Talks

     * 2016-03-08 (8 MAR)
       Web Cryptography Workshop
       O&#039;Reilly Fluent Conference
       San Francisco, CA, USA
     * 2016-04-07 (7 APR)
       Portable Web Publications
       by Ivan Herman
       EPUB Summit
       Bordeaux, France

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