UsingAddressing and soap:mustUnderstand

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UsingAddressing and soap:mustUnderstand

Jonathan Marsh

Section 3.1 UsingAddressing Extension Element


Table 3-1 purports to constrain the behavior of an endpoint based on soap:mustUnderstand in the input message, when wsaw:UsingAddressing is not present.  If we had a conformance clause defining conformance to wsaw:UsingAddressing, it would be more apparent that the definition of wsaw:UsingAddressing cannot reasonably constrain the behavior when wsaw:UsingAddressing is not used.  There are two ways to address this problem.


First, one could remove the column “UsingAddressing Not Present” from the table, and therefore collapse the first two rows, removing mention of soap:mustUnderstand on input messages.  This is preferable because this spec can’t and shouldn’t attempt to constrain the behavior of soap:mustUnderstand, especially in the case where this spec isn’t even engaged by the presence of wsaw:UsingAddressing!


An alternative is to clarify which parts of the table are normative or not, by adding “(non-normative)” to the title of the last column to make it clear that we’re restating for the reader’s convenience behavior defined outside this specification.



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