Too many ways to build compound documents

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Too many ways to build compound documents

Giovanni Campagna
I think that are too many different ways to build compound documents, either by reference or by inclusion.
At the moment we have:

1) XHTML2 embedding attributes
2) XHTML2 / 5 object
3) XHTML5 embed
4) XInclude
5) XLink type="embed" / type="resource"
6) CSS content: uri(); property
7) DTD external entities
8) XBL or XSLT (which could transform markup across languages)
9) Direct inclusion (ie plain writing or server-side processing)

Plus we have media specific, like svg image, xhtml 2/5 img, smil media object, css background-image / border-image;

I was wondering if any work was started to provide a unform way, instead of relying on single language capabilities (which seems the current orientation of CDRF and CDIF)