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Al Gilman


The following is a consensus comment on the SMIL Timesheets
Last Call from PFWG.

/chair, PFWG

The Protocols & Formats group, having reviewed SMIL Timesheets, has the
following comments for the SYMM WG:

1. The PFWG believes the timesheet model to be an extremely elegant
engineering solution, as it allows for user control over timing (pause,
stop, replay, rewind, fast forward, slow rate of play, accelerate  
rate of
play, etc.) through a user timesheet.  Thus a user can
exercise control over the author-defined timing. The UA or an assistive
plugin wizard can help the user to manage the timing settings.

2. SMIL Timesheets provides a mechanism for timing control.  This
mechanism allows for user adjustment of the timing. This adjustment  
is an
important requirement for access to interaction by People With
Disabilities.  Therefore, the  PFWG would like the HCG to foster the
reuse of the mechanism in SMIL Timesheets, or -- at the very least --
ensure that the personalization capabilities are not lost as other
formats implement timing control.

3. The PFWG also recommends and supports the adoption of the SMIL
Timesheet model in XHTML2, XHTML 1.1, and XHTML Modularizations.

In sum, the PFWG is intrigued and interested in the accessibility and
user-control aspects of timesheets.  Because of this, and the importance
to the user-experience over control of timing cues and rates, the PFWG
approves of the timesheets model and shall follow the development of  
Timesheets closely and with great interest, and anticipates cooperating
with the editors and working group in order to ensure that the
accessibility and user-control offered by the SMIL Timesheets model is