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[Timesheets LC comment] Examples and Figures

Doug Schepers-3


This is a Last Call review comment from the SVG WG on the SMIL
Timesheets 1.0 specification, W3C Working Draft 10 January 2008,
http://www.w3.org/TR/2008/WD-timesheets-20080110/ .  Please let us know
if you have any questions by replying to [hidden email].

The figure numbering scheme is broken, all figures are listed as figure 1

As a general comment, the diagram images do not have adequate alt text,
and the first one contains a code snippet that could be extracted and
included in the main body as text.  Members of the SVG WG could make SVG
versions of the diagrams if desired, which might be more accessible.

The examples all use the "smil:" prefix; this is not necessary.  It's
extra characters to type, and also adds to the filesize. Please remake
the examples so that the default namespace is opened on the topmost SMIL
<timesheet> element.

The example of the first, prev, next, and last attributes would be more
clear if the button ids were not "first", "prev", "next", and "last"; it
may lead to the mistaken impression that those are somehow magic IDs or
values. Maybe name them "start", "back", "forward", and "end"?

-Doug Schepers, on behalf of the SVG WG