[Timesheets LC comment] 3.1 Timing and Synchronization

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[Timesheets LC comment] 3.1 Timing and Synchronization

Doug Schepers-3


This is a Last Call review comment from the SVG WG on the SMIL
Timesheets 1.0 specification, W3C Working Draft 10 January 2008,
http://www.w3.org/TR/2008/WD-timesheets-20080110/ .  Please let us know
if you have any questions by replying to [hidden email].

"Host document's elements are set to "active" and "inactive" following
the semantics of the defined time containers."

Of which defined time containers? In the host language?  Please
elaborate, and include links to where the behavior is defined, or
clarify that it's the host language that defines the behavior.


"The base time, or the syncbase of a timesheet element is the moment
when the element is started by its parent."

We suggest replacing "when the element is started" with "when it is

Started by its parent, does that mean "started by its parents time
container"? If so, say so.


"Starting an element does not necessarily make the referenced media
element visible. Rather, it sets the time moment "0s", to which the
element's attributes are compared."

This sounds like an informative note, please make it so.


"The duration of an element is primarily defined by the dur attribute."

This section is normative, and We would expect the behavior of dur to be
either fully defined here or the section to be made informative.

-Doug Schepers, on behalf of the SVG WG