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Tidy for *.aspx


I have used HTML tidy n really its fantastic tool to cleanup HTML pages.But my application contain mostly *.aspx pages so want to know is there any tidy that clean aspx n jsp pages.

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Re: Tidy for *.aspx

Geoff McLane
Hi Amit,

Thanks for your comments...

Tidy! does 'try' some fix-up in code, but not many... it is after all
called "HTML Tidy", not "ASPX Tidy" ;=))

But the parsing of 'code', and the pprint output of 'code' is quite well
separated in Tidy!, and feel free to experiment with improvements to
those code blocks...

But I see it as a quite difficult task for Tidy to be able to
'correctly' parse all code scripts, and thus be able to warn, suggest,
fix errors, etc...

Quite some time ago I did experiment with improving parsing of
javascript, another type of 'code', to at least to not trip over some
text like `var a = "<script>";` - see issue #65 - but have not had
enthusiasm to follow through on this...