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Test assertions requirement

Geoffrey Sneddon-4
(Bcc'd public-css-testsuite; can we please keep responses on a single
mailing list, in this case www-style as it's about a WG resolution?)

In the SF F2F, 2016-05-09 we resolved:

RESOLVED: testharness.js tests don't need a meta assert (but reftests
still do)

>From memory, this was based on a mistaken understanding that assertions
were currently required everywhere.

This seems to contradict all documentation going back almost a decade!
In 2007 fantasai updated the wiki in
to state that assertions are optional (generically!).

I've been unable to find any discussion leading to this change, though
obviously discussion was happening around then (see
for example).

Do we want to revisit the resolution in light of being mistaken as to
previous policy? Or do we just want to consider the documentation wrong?