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I've started to put together a Test Suite page:


needs more explanation, but it's a start ..


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[TESTSUITE] correction to pattern TargetNamespace

Bezrukov, Vladislav
When perfoming the tests I noticed some inconsistencies in the test

In some cases a correction could be either using an xs:include or
putting the referenced element directly into the schema.
I would like to inquire the opinion of the WG whether the test suite
should use the xs:include or not.
The reason is that the xs:include increases the initial requirements to
the implementations.
I believe the test examples would not lessen in their capabilities
without xs:include's.

If the WG agrees with this format I could continue formally testing the
schemas/wsdls and provide corrections in that format to this list.

echoTargetNamespace.wsdl modified: added declaration for the
element "targetNamespace"

        <xs:element name="targetNamespace" type="xs:string"/>
        <xs:element name="echoTargetNamespace">
                                <xs:element ref="ex:targetNamespace"/>

Vladislav Bezrukov
SAP AG, Walldorf, Germany
Tel   +49 6227 761383
Email [hidden email]

echoTargetNamespace.modified.wsdl (3K) Download Attachment